Fluffo IZO – sound insulation panels

Fluffo IZO will decorate the interior and at the same time insulate the room from exterior sound sources. Panels built from layers of specially selected materials absorb sound and constitute a sound barrier, which works both ways: they don’t let the sound intoor out of the room. They are an ideal solution when you have a loud neighbour behind a thin wall, or a dividing wall transmits sound between two offices, or you want to hold private conferences, or you want your secrets to stay within your four walls. Create a beautiful, quiet interior with Fluffo IZO.

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Technical parameters:
Collection name: Fluffo IZO Model name: Hexa Edge M Available thickness: 62 mm Surface of a single panel: 0,1 m2 10 panels: 1,04 m2 Weight of a single panel: 990 g

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