Fluffo GLASS – glass surface panels

Fluffo GLASS acoustic panels with the unique suction cup mounting system for glass surface application. Wide range of colours and shapes make them the ideal, unique decoration for glass walls. Fluffo GLASS absorb sound and reduce echoes within the interior, they will significantly improve the acoustics in glazed conference rooms or offices where windows occupy large surfaces. The suction cup mounting system will also hold panels on lacquered MDF commonly used in office furniture.

MODELS 4 wzory

Technical parameters:
Collection name: Fluffo Glass Model name: Pixel L Available thickness: 36 mm Surface of a single panel: 0,25 m2 4 panels: 1,00 m2 :

Fluffo GLASS main features

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Colours Fluffo offers a choice of 56 original colours

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Attention:presented colours are the photos of real colour samples. Please keep in mind that the displayed colours may vary from the actual shade depending on the specific proprieties of your monitor. We provide colour samplers, if you are interested in receiving a colour sampler or samples of particular colours, please contact us.

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