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Acoustics in need of improvement

Our comfort, well-being and productivity depend on how well we master sound in our environment. Problems with acoustics within a space can be corrected or even redesigned. Fluffoacoustic wall panels will help.


Queens new robes – metamorphosis of a wall

Baroque, palace interiors, living rooms from the 70’s or the post-industrial lofts. When we think of those spaces they don’t seem to have a lot in common. Look closer at the details and you will see that it is the walls that play the key role in the arrangement. Through the years and the development of interior design walls changed in appearance. They were richly ornamented, dressed in geometric patterns and raw, but the worst you could do is to turn them into a neutral backdrop for the furniture and accessories. It is time to break with the boring and emphasise the original.

Interiors in beautiful shapes

Designers love geometrical and modest design. Minimalist forms have taken over fashion, electronic equipment design, as well asthe interior accessories. Angular diamonds and squares appearon textiles andconstitute the openwork construction of modern furniture. Why is simplicity so attractive? It turns out that simple design does not give in to trends, and also puts people in a good mood.

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