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Azure Flow

A beautiful 3D arrangement of Flow soft panels in the offices of the Cosmopolitan building in Warsaw.

Design by: Katrzyny Ogrodowczyk-Jaszczuk Inro Group.



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Ideal for eachother

Hello and Echo models complement eachother beautifully. 
Bevelled edges emphasize the shapes of the individual panels within the composition, creating an absolutely original whole.

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Soft Diamond Edge - Wow!

Fluffo SOFT Diamond Edge = out of this world composition!

Colours: butter, north sea, deep water, hawaiian
Design by Fluffo

Photo: JBM Kolor

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Inspiring space in a creative agency stimulates fresh ideas. Sunny colours and simple forms give the interior a new dimension.

On the wall Hexa L from the Fluffo FIRE - RESIST collection.

Design and execution of a 600m² office space in Cracow by INNers - interior design and hex studio. 


Photos by: Promo Focus  



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WEB Caro Edge

Fluffo WEB

Fluffo WEB acoustic curtains effectively absorb sound, divide space visually and constitute a unique decorative element.

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Soft Stick Edge - the fun begins


When the kids are away we...  renovate! :)
What will little Franio, Hania & Zuzia say to the changes? 

Visual by: http://www.mroomy.com/


In the background: Fluffo Soft Stick Edge and Triada Edge

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Pixel S in a conference room

Scattered, modest arrangement introduces a bit of colour into the interior of this small conference room.

Model: Pixel S 

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Soft Chain and kids

Student's bedroom.
We would love to go back to school just to live in this room for a little while. 

Project: Fabryka Nastroju Izabela Szewc - architektura wnętrz

Photo: Monika Filipiuk-Obałek




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Pastel bedroom


Another beautiful bedroom (in two versions) - visuals by Agnieszka Bajer-Murzyn from Cracow.

Model: Fluffo Isos.

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Office full of colour

The office of an IT company in Warsaw. The interior is teeming with colour.

Design by: Malgorzata Sypniewska of Mikomax Warsaw

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Fluffo WEB Hexa Edge M

How to visually divide open space and improve office acoustics at the same time? Fluffo WEB is the answer.

Project & execution & furniture: Krusel / office solutions



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Fire-Resist Pixel L, M, S and Line

Our Fluffo FIRE-RESIST panels on the walls of modern office interiors. 
Execution by: MDD Fabryka Mebli Biurowych

(more photos at: http://mdd.pl/realizacja/1696/)

Photos by: Joanna Nowicka

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Small studio and fashionable hexagons

This studio is only 28 m², but thanks to its height of 3 m it seems much bigger. 
In the bedroom, soft Fluffo Hexa M panels serve as the headboard. 

Interior design by: Duet Studio   


Photos by: Szymon Capiński

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Small bedroom requires the baby size hexa


Soft walls in a small bedroom are a must :) 

Model: Soft Hexa S

Project by: Trendy J.A. Wasążnik



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Chevron in a conference room

Model: Fluffo Chevron

Collection: Fluffo SOFT

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Soft Tele S


Mini Tele perfect for a mini bedroom.

Project by: Trendy J.A. Wasążnik



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Bounce in an office chillour area

Photos of an office chillout area in Poznan. Now that is the way to work.

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Home office

Tomasz Pagowski's home office in Warsaw and the soft walls within.
Our Hexa M, Fluffo SOFT collection in four thicknesses.



Pixel S in blue

Fluffo SOFT collection, it was an express project of introducing colour into the interior.

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The attractive Line

Line (Fluffo SOFT collection), seemingly simple shape, but it creates such impressive (and photogenic) arrangements. 

design by: www.kameleon-projektowanie.com

photos by: www.michalmlynarczyk.com

Chevron differently


Striking, vertical arrangement of soft Chevron panels by Katarzyna of STUDiO K interior design. Bravo !!! :)




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Apartment of a Cosmopolitan

„Its interior is painted with rich, juicy colours, surprising textures and unique shapes. 3D, Cubist wall coverings add sophisticated charm and dynamism.”

Beautiful design and execution: Aleksandra Kurowska – Interior Designer.



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Chain in the attic


A cosy room in the attic is the dream of all kids - the small and the not so small ones ;) our soft Chain will ensure even more cosiness with no echoes.

Interior desing by: APP Trendy, J.A.Wasążnik




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Soft Diamond Edge in the bedroom


Fluffo SOFT Diamond Edge - it's an absolute HIT. 
Beautiful visuals by 100procentDIZAJN.



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Dot M

That is the first :) original, modern arrangement incorporating an old school clock, plus our new way of mounting panels with the click system; you can take them off and move them to a different place in the composition at any time. Enjoy! 

Fluffo SOFT collection

Design by: Fluffo

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Pixel S at the office


Exceptionally elegant office interiors with soft walls by Fluffo.   

Design by: Archiwytwórnia


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Fluffo SOFT Pixel S

Simple and consistent - Pixel S (Fluffo SOFT) in the bedroom and dining room.
Design by: Agnieszka Buchta-Swoboda



Hocus pocus!

Cast a spell and the door disappears! 
Fluffo Pixel S - Fluffo SOFT collection

Design by: Aleksandra Prokopiuk Mini Forma



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Go on cuddle up!


A cosy bedroom with soft walls by Fluffo designed by 4RoOMS. Beautiful!
Go on cuddle up!

Model: Fluffo Chevron 3D panel.



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Pixel S headboard

Oh those beautiful, soft headboards!
Fuffo Pixel (Fluffo SOFT collection) designed and executed by Magdalena Lasocka of METAMORFOZY Studio



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Isos in the bedroom


Wow !! What a bedroom!! A beautiful visualisation by the designers of the Plasterlina Studio from Lodz.

Wall/headboard: Fluffo Isos




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Nike in conference room

Exuberant, little conference room.

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Hexa M in a conference room

Fluffo SOFT collection

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Diamon Edge

Our new model Diamond EDGE, here in blue at the HomeDecor 2018 Fair in Poznan.

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Fluffo ART

Fluffo ART is a small art piece.; it is the effect of Fluffo's cooperation with the young Polish designer Joanna Kabala. The collection was created with long corridors, stair cases and large bedrooms in mind. Where the wall needs a strong accent and the acoustics of the interior often leave much to be desired.

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Chevron unconventionally


Fluffo panels give a lot of freedom to play with its shape, arrangement and colour. Our panels may create a seamless structure or a scattered composition. :)

This is a very unusual design idea, here the panels are arranged in such a way that they do not have contact with one another. This effect makes the composition light and pronounced. It is beautiful.

Model: Chevron, Fluffo SOFT collection

Design by: Design me too, architektura wnętrz.



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Recording room

A radio interview recording room in Warsaw. All walls are covered with our soft panels - this room is now fully soundproof - for standard use this would be way too much, but this interior is not standard. 

Model: Hexa M (Fluffo SOFT collection)

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Caro in the hallway

A hallway designed by Marta Czerkies Home Designer.
The yellow pouffe contrasts our soft Caro panels wonderfully. Only a few panels and the whole interior changes instantly. 


also see episode 2 and 4.

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Beautiful in powder pink


Cube 3D panel (Fluffo SOFT collection)

"Incredibly dynamic wall, which improves the acoustics of the spacious living room and is resiliet to chairs bumping against it. Soft walls in two powder colours."


More of the interior design at: http://grupanono.pl/portfolio-items/patrzec-w-przyszlosc-gaj-pod-krakowem-2017/


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Fluffo at school

Fire retardant, acoustic wall panels from the Fluffo FIRE - RESIST collection are suitable not only in office interiors - our colourful panels play the key role in the interior of the school canteen and the reading room.

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Hexa M - office without reverberation

Fluffo SOFT colletion

Hexa M in monochromatic arrangements - elegant interiors without reverberation.

Design by: S+udio Quadra



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Summer room


The summer has come. Do you associate everything with vacation just like we do??? 
A wonderful desing by MOTIF-Aleksandra Baranowska Studio.

Colourful Chevron (Fluffo SOFT collection) floating on the wall as if they were ships on the sea or sail boats on the lakes....ups.  
Have a great vacation!



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Violet bedroom

Fluffo SOFT collection

A lovely violet bedroom - wall covered with soft, 3D Chain.  
Exceptional execution  :)

Design by: Pracownia Projektowa 4RoOMS


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Colourful Hexa M

Colours! Hues! Shades! :)
Model: Hexa M Fluffo SOFT collection
Photos by: Lobos



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A modern headboard


Fluffo Cubic soft wall panels in a dinamic, scattered arrangement - beautiful wall decoration and a comfortable headboard in one. 

Design by: Pracownia Architektury, Wnętrz i Designu Plasterlina from Lodz.


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Fluffo FIRE-RESIST Pixel and Line

Intense colour...... the whole interior vibrates with life :).
Fire retardant acoustic panels Pixel and Line from the Fluffo FIRE - RESIST collection

Design by: INNers - architektura wnętrza & studio hex


Photos by: PROMO FOCUS


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Fluffo SOFT collection

Completely customized application of our soft Cube wall panels - they soundproof the interior and at the same time protect the employees from walking into the glass walls.

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Soft headboard - Hexa M

Fluffo SOFT collection

The headboard composed of soft honey comb (Hexa M) in the bedroom designed by Kameleon Projektowanie Wnętrz from Warsaw.

design by: www.kameleon-projektowanie.com


photos by: Michał Młynarczyk Fotografia 


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Honey comb office

Fluffo SOFT collection

Office interior planned to the smallest detail. For the first time we see a design, where the honey comb shape has been utilised in such a way - on walls simple graphics are interwoven with 3D arrangements of our soft Hexa M panels. The interior is in absolutely structured and consistent.

Design and execution by: Kolektyf
Photos by: Missmedula Karolina Kosowicz



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Link in the bedroom


A most beautiful bedroom, designed by Agnieszka Bajer-Murzyn of ABM Studio from Cracow.

Model: Link



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Studio in Wroclaw


Detective Sparrow

„The owner of this studio flat in Wroclaw is a young businessman. He’s an enthusiast of crime stories, bridge and old movies. The interior is a blend of various styles, retro details mixed with modern design.”

Soft arrangement of Link panels completes the modern interior of the bedroom.

Design by: Patrycja Dąbrowska


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Rippling Flow

Flow is one of our most elegant, 3D models. It creates exceptionally beautiful, flowing compositions.

Design by:  Arcadis


Photos by: Bernard Sosin of Profesjonalne Tapetowanie.


Pomelo nursery

Isn’t it wonderfully soft and cosy :) ?!

A message from Agata of Pomelo nursery in Warsaw: “we are true fans of your creative product :)”

Design by: Agata Tobolczyk

POMELO nursery



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A rainbow appeared in a canteen?! Revelation! 
Our soft Pixel S (Fluffo SOFT collection) = interior without echoes.

Bon appétit!

Design by: LADECO Sp. z o.o.
arch. Robert Kowalczyk


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Sweet Pixel S

Pink, baby blue and super girly - our Pixel S (Fluffo SOFT collection) for the little princess - soooo sweet !!

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Haxa M with a claw

The conference room where the Fluffo Hexa M panel palys the key role.... This room has two faces - when the overhead lights are turned off the wall is subdued and "pale", once the lights are turned on the wall comes alive with bright colours and energy. 

Design by: Fluffo

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