Interiors in beautiful shapes

Designers love geometrical and modest design. Minimalist forms have taken over fashion, electronic equipment design, as well asthe interior accessories. Angular diamonds and squares appearon textiles andconstitute the openwork construction of modern furniture. Why is simplicity so attractive? It turns out that simple design does not give in to trends, and also puts people in a good mood.


Simple means timeless

 „Simplicity is sublime” – these are the words of one of world’s most remarkable visionaries - Leonardo da Vinci. What is the secret of the simple design? Apple productsare thebest example of a simple, modern design, thatconquered the market. Fans of the electronics produced by this Silicon Valleygiant, admit that they equally love the technical attributes and the attractive design. Minimalism is also valued in interior design, itprovides a sense of consistency and lack of chaos.

Simplicity and geometry

Why less is morein design? The answer is simple, and it has to do with the way we perceive images. In order to explain this, we need to move back to the beginning of the XX century, when the knowledge about human perception was organizedand the work on the gestalt psychology begun.Gestalt psychology is the foundation of the fundamental rulesof design. Based on its principles the human mind forms a global whole with self-organizing tendencies.Thanks to it we are able to identify an image created from several graphic shapes for example a logo. In practice it means that when looking at a building we see a house not a sum of windows, doors and walls. That is because our brain strives to arrange and sort those elements into an image. The principle of symmetry is also very important, according to it when looking at symmetric and organized images we perceive them as aesthetic and pleasing to the eye.

Interior harmony

That is why geometric shapes have always appeared in the interior design, they were especially fashionable in the 70’s. Then, they took on intensive, warm colours, and adorned wallpapers. Today diamonds, hexagons, squares, as well as triangles and ovals have returned. Just a few years back they appeared on accessories for example printedcushions, carpets, serving trays or kitchen containers. Today we hang angular shelves, choose round coffee tables and rounded furniture. Fluffo 3D soft wall panels,available in a multitude of shapes can also serve as original wall decoration arranged in the form of geometric mosaics, simultaneously improving the acoustics within the interior.

Arrange shapes like puzzles

It is enough to look at the minimalistic and simple arrangement inspirations to know what role the shapes play in thecompositionand how the arrangement plays in the space. The sense of comfortable symmetry can be evoked by hanging rows of identical lamps over the table orplacing several framed pictures next to one another, or decorating a wall with 3D soft wall panels, they will play with symmetry and colour. Free your mind and let your creativity flow, create aharmonious space filled with simple yet elegant geometry.