Queens new robes – metamorphosis of a wall

Baroque, palace interiors, living rooms from the 70’s or the post-industrial lofts. When we think of those spaces they don’t seem to have a lot in common. Look closer at the details and you will see that it is the walls that play the key role in the arrangement. Through the years and the development of interior design walls changed in appearance. They were richly ornamented, dressed in geometric patterns and raw, but the worst you could do is to turn them into a neutral backdrop for the furniture and accessories. It is time to break with the boring and emphasise the original.


Bland walls painted in neutral colours go into oblivion. Modern interior design breaks with the usual stereotypes. Several years ago,walls painted with monochromatic combinations of colours and the use of crude brick were the pinnacle of the avant-garde. There was also a great comeback of wallpapers, those patterns are also presently passé. Today, in modern interiors original materials are in use, such as refined architectural concrete, glass, stone, wood, as well as soft decorative 3D panels, which give a warm and cuddly character to the interiors.

Destination softness

The use of walls as strong accents in interior design, makes them an important decorative element. It is enough to look through the inspirations and photos from the Salone del Mobile annual design fair in Milan, to see that in modern interior design walls play the key role. In the bedrooms we see upholstered surfaces which together with the soft headboards invite to take a rest and indulge in the soft tactile textiles. In living areas,we find geometrical 3D mosaics built of wall panels, which can effectively substitute any painting. Square wall decorations will be an alternative to smooth walls as a backdrop for a large painting hung over a colourful sofa. One should not be afraid of bold combinations. The home should mirror our needs, appropriately selected colours and patternscan energise, calm or improve one’s mood.

Special task walls

Some wall decorations have also additional properties. For example, soft, decorative 3D wall panels offered by Fluffo, which thanks to their structure absorb sound and correct the acoustics of the interior. Moreover, they stimulate ones’ tactile senses, as their surface resembles velvet. Walls or ceilings covered with 3D panels make the space quiet and cosy. Thanks to the fact that the assembled panels create fancy wall patterns, they can serve as an original wall decoration in the living room, bedroom or kids room. Soft and cuddly surface will also work well as headboards or seat backrests.

Co więcej, dodatkowo pobudzają one zmysł dotyku, ponieważ ich powierzchnia przypomina aksamit. Dzięki temu wyłożone panelami 3d ściany, podłogilub sufity sprawiają, że pomieszczenia stają się wyciszone i przytulne. Gdzie najlepiej sprawdzą się tego rodzaju dekoracje ścienne?

Optical fun

Walls can also optically enlarge small interiors,it is enough to play with light and the use of mirrors. In the case of large, empty spaces theirstark appearance could be mitigated by paintings, photographs or 3D soft wall panel mosaics. The possibilities are endless. Once you decide on a wall with character, you will never go backto dull interior design.


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