The colours that add character to interiors

They inspire, awaken your creativity, energize you and even put you in a good mood. We are talking about colours which change the character of our interiors and influence our well-being. According to the Pantone Institute a colour can even reflect the current trends not only in design, architecture or fashion but also a lifestyle. In 2018 Ultra Violet will set the trends, an intensive purple, which inspires creative, visionary thinking.

Choose colour!

The Pantone institute is a giant in the printing industry, who created its own colour scale. Most graphic designers, interior designers and architects,as well as fashion designers around the world base their work on that colour scale. Pantone conducts in-depth research on the basis of which they predict the colour of the year, which reflects the trends in design, fashion, architecture, culture and lifestyle. In 2017 it was intense green i.e. Greenery. Their choice was a bit controversial, but in fact it has aptly described the shift towards nature. The fashion runways were dominated by tropical patterns, and interiors were filled with plants. The kitchens were full of healthy meals and natural products. The hue of the year was not interpreted literally in design but it was noticeable in the daily lifestyle.

The hue of visionaries

The Pantone Institute is a thorough observer of thesurrounding reality, and their choice of the colour of the year, is not only the guideline for designers, but their answer to the current needs of the world.

In 2018 the experts point to Ultra Violet. Deep and intensive hue of ripe plums bring to mind a starry sky, which symbolises the exploration of the unknow world, and it inspires the crossing of borders and creative thinking. The bold violet refers to the charismatic icons of the pop culture, as Prince or David Bowie. The colour should also impact spirituality, as well as foster meditation and aid onesability to shut off the excess of stimuli.

The colour of the year in interiors

The Fluffo colour palette offers as many as four shades of violet – from intense purple, to delicate violet and heather. These are the colours you can easily arrange both in modern and classic interiors, as well as blend them with other hues at will. The Fluffo palette includes 52 colours, which were inspired by trends.The effect is a choice of cold and warm shades, as well as intriguing melanges, which blended together will result in unique combinations. Strong, colourful accent in the form of the 3D decorative wall panels will quickly change the character of the whole interior. In order to adequately play with colours, it is worth knowing how they influence our perception of the surrounding reality.

Orange will boost our energy, and blue will calm us

According to Leatrice Eiseman, who researches the influence of colours on people, the colours prompt reactions on the basis of learned patterns. Blue is most often associated with peaceful sky, which accompanies children while they play outside. The exuberant orange in turn, increases the flow of oxygen to the brain, due to which it has a stimulating effect. That is why it is a perfect colour for those who want to boost their energy. In 1999 the scientists from Creighton University proved that the colours surrounding us influence our work efficiency. The employees, who had a chance to work in a blue environment, felt concentrated and calm. This is due to the fact that the light blue and blues cause a physiological reaction and slows the heart rate. Green is similarly calming, it reduces stress and anxiety. In contrast to those colours are the warm, exuberating ones as for example sunny yellow, orange or red, which increases the heart rate and raises intense emotions.

A colour accent is enough

Following this chain of thought, you can easily influence your daily mood or introduce the right atmosphere into your office space. You don’t have to paint your walls violet or green. It is the adequately chosen decorations and accents that count. A colourful mosaic of soft wall panels over the desk, in the conference room or in your bedroom will influence the perception of the whole interior and also improve the acoustic within.