Fluffo. The true story

The idea of Fluffo – soft wall panels, came suddenly in 2012. A soft, fluffy toy, made of foam and covered with something we now call the Fluffo finish, was the inspiration. “What if walls were like this - soft and fluffy to the touch?” – we thought. We began our search – for the material, for the fluff, for a way to produce.


„Produce” was the key word. Selling alone would not be enough. We wanted to produce, create and develop the product, which would give us the flexibility and quality control.

The work on the implementation of our first collection of panels, mastering the technologyprocesses and the creation of Fluffo marketing took us almost 1,5 years. When we now look back on those old times; on the garage where it all begun andsee theFluffo of today – we are proud to say that we created something exceptional.

Every time we see the smiling face of our customer cuddling up to his new wall, or we answer a call from an „Anna”, who wants to have the same panels as her friend does, we know that Fluffo is more than a simple wall decoration. 

This is how Fluffo, Soft Wall Factory was created. From the phrase „… what if ….” to the emotions stirred by our panels.

Enjoy the show. Turn the sound on.

Fluffo. The true story.