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Fluffo. The true story

The idea of Fluffo – soft wall panels, came suddenly in 2012. A soft, fluffy toy, made of foam and covered with something we now call the Fluffo finish, was the inspiration. “What if walls were like this - soft and fluffy to the touch?” – we thought. We began our search – for the material, for the fluff, for a way to produce.

The colours that add character to interiors

They inspire, awaken your creativity, energize you and even put you in a good mood. We are talking about colours which change the character of our interiors and influence our well-being. According to the Pantone Institute a colour can even reflect the current trends not only in design, architecture or fashion but also a lifestyle. In 2018 Ultra Violet will set the trends, an intensive purple, which inspires creative, visionary thinking.

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