Fluffo is a Polish brand with an extensive portfolio of acoustic products, which provide innovative solutions, combining emotions, design and exceptional utility. Our broad product offer, available in numerous models and colours, caters for all tastes. The excellent acoustic properties allow you to enjoy the comfort and benefits of sound across all interiors.

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Fluffo’s elegant and creative designs, enrich the style of your interior. It is a design masterpiece – just a few panels transform the feel of the entire room.

All Fluffo panels have decorative and acoustic applications. The numerous models, and the rich colour palette give the freedom to create any composition - possibilities are endless.

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All Fluffo products effectively absorb sound, the secret lies in the open-cell structure of the material they are made of. The soundproofing properties of the Fluffo panels were confirmed at the accredited acoustic laboratory of the Marine Technology Institute in Gdansk.

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Fluffo is not just the shape or softness. It is also the colour, which introduces the desired ambience to the interior, adds positive energy and stimulates creativity. Reflects current design and fashion trends and accentuates our lifestyle.

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