Our carefully designed soft 3D wall panels come in many complex shapes.

Panels differ in form and size. The range of panel surfaces vary from 0.06 m2 to 0.5 m2 and their thickness from 2 to 5 cm.

Each Fluffo shape is unique, an arrangement of selected panels assembled on your wall will always produce a magnificent design, always soft to the touch.

panele dekoracyjne
kolorowe panele akustyczne

In spite of their complex shape, Fluffo panels fit each other perfectly.
They are designed to create original patterns, where the crevices between the panels are an integral part of the design.

Fluffo shapes are always true - a square is a square, a circle is a circle.

Panels are produced from flexible, dense polyurethane foam.
The foam is a modern product, neutral to the users and resistant to ageing.

Even though the panels are soft and flexible, they seem exceptionally strong and durable to the touch.

Fluffo panels are covered with a velvety finish made up of millions of tiny colourful polyamide fibres glued to the surface.

In addition to its tactile dimension the Fluffo finish fulfils another important function – it contributes to our panel’s sound absorption. Just one wall covered with Fluffo panels brings a comfortable and discreet mood to your interior.

Panele wykonane są z elastycznej, gęstej pianki

Fluffo panels come in
52 original colours, you can pick
any combination.

We have the soft tones, as well as those more intense, energizing tints,
ideal for emphasizing the character of your interior.

kolorowe dekoracje ścienne



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