Cold. Hard. Boring. So close and yet so far away. Seen every day but disregarded. Those are the walls of our homes, corridors, working environments.

Why won't we touch a wall just like we touch a soft leather armchair, a plush pillow or even a solid wooden table? The truth is that the wall is not welcoming ot the touch thus doing so doesn't give us pleasure.



Fluffo designers faced the challenge of creating a product that would change the perception of walls as we know them, turning them into an extraordinary surface.

This is how Fluffo soft wall panels came to be

Fluffo transforms an ordinary wall into a familiar and warm surface. Fluffo panels feel like velvet, They are soft.

You can sink your hand into them.
You won't be able to refrain from touching them.
Go on, cuddle up!

Fluffo sprawia, że zwykła ściana staje się bliższa i cieplejsza.
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