01 Concentrate!

Sound is invisible. It’s everywhere. It surrounds us. The resonance of a place determines whether we perceive it as friendly or downright hostile causing tension and stress.

Noisy open space steals our time and energy. It takes away our focus and concentration. Quiet, cosy environment allows us to hear each other, lets us concentrate faster, and work more effectively. 

Fluffo technology easily and effectively ensures adequate acoustics in the working environment. It will mute noise, reduce echoes, tone down the buzz of conversations.

Otwartokomórkowa struktura

02 Open-cell structure

The secret of the perfect soundproofing properties of Fluffo products lies in the open-cell structure of the high density polyurethane foam, which they are made of. Its properties are additionally enhanced by the exterior layer of the thick microfibers covering all Fluffo products.

Fluffo is not mounted on metal frames, that is why the entire surface of our soft panels serves as a sound proofing device, there are no construction materials reflecting sound or impeding the sound absorption within.


03 Sound absorbtion class: B

Soft Fluffo panels are effective and we have research to prove it. We have tested our products in the Acoustic Laboratory at the Institute of Construction Technology in Warsaw. In the study conducted in accordance with the PN-EN ISO 11654:1999 standard, Fluffo products produced out of the polyurethane foam reached the average sound absorbency coefficient of 0,85 over the entire frequency band.

The sound absorbency curve, in relation to the sound frequency of 300 to 3000 Hz ratio (level of human speech), does not drop below 0,8. That means that Fluffo panels will work very well in conference rooms, open spaces and everywhere where there is a lot of talk but noise is not desired.

Klasa pochłaniania dźwięku: B


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