The greatest marvels are created in the utmost silence

Wilhelm Raabe

01 Idea

We are constantly surrounded by sound. It’s everywhere. It is an inherent part of our life. Often without us knowing it turns into a buzz, a noise that annoys and overwhelms us. Fortunately there are ways to deal with this problem.

Building on our Fluffo experience and know-how, we present our new acoustic product line for offices, now your work environment will be hushed, friendly, soft and colourful.

All of our new products belong to the Fluffo family. They are soft and cuddly to the touch thanks to the colourful Fluffo finish.

We welcome you to the Fluffo world. Come in and transform your office!

02 Attributes


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03 Products

Fluffo Office line consists of acoustic elements which complement one-another and are available in several attractive shapes and multitude of colours.

for the floor for the floor mobile for the desk mobile for the desk for the desk for the desk


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